End of Week Challenge: Line Follow

For this week's final challenge, your team will have to program your racecar to get to the finish line of the course by following the colored tape laid down on the ground. Your car needs to do two things:

  1. Recognize where the line of your choice is compared to other lines
  2. Follow the target line realiably
  3. Reach the end without human intervention

Here is a link to a blank copy of color_segmentation and driveNode. driveNode and color_segmentation have been modified so that it will publish the image from color_segmentation to the topic IMAGE_TOPIC ("/zed/zed_node/color_seg_output"). Log into docker using the same command you were using before but after fishberg/racecar, add a space and your car number. You will then be able to open rqt_image_view in docker and choose the color_seg_output topic to view the zed camera feed after the color_seg filter. If you get a "connection invalid" error, ignore it, it tends to work anyways.

Apart from the publisher thing that was added, these are basically blank files; feel free to mess around with them as you wish.